Last week I hosted a Facebook live event with Get Messy. This was the first time I had ever done anything like it and I was scared! Totally alone, talking to my front camera (so seeing myself, totally alone AHHH). 

I was creating in my art journals "live" and having a Q&A, as well as comments and suggestions what to do with my pages. As soon as people joined and starting communicating with me, I started to get into a relaxed pattern of creating and reading comments. 

I was creating in 3 new journals, whilst waiting for various things to dry!

- tombows, marker pen, ink & collage

- ink, collage & gold paint

- tombows, collage & pen


have you ever done anything like this?! Would you ever?! Personally, I'd love to watch everyone create, I just find it fascinating. 


Get Messy Art Journal is an art journaling program/community. We are a group of like minded art journalers who have come together under this art form to learn, share, practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Our community values consistent creating, encouragement and support and trying new things. We would love to have you join us as a member of Get Messy Art Journal. Join Get Messy now! " 


  1. I loved watching you create and chat too! Your pages are so cool, it is good to see the finished results. Hopefully I can live up to your amazing start to FB Get Messy live!

  2. Watching you create was so fun, it was a pity I couldn't watch live. You were very brave doing it on your own - I'm too much of a chicken to go on video on my own and create - eeeeeekkkk!!!

    1. It was scary.. But so much fun! You should defiently go for it Tlee, I'd love to see you do a live create-along! <3 xo

  3. It was so good Julia - loved watching you bring those pages to life and having that live chat about what to do next - RIP SOME HOLES!! xx