Our last week of season of dreams! 

It's busy in my mind
- acrylic, collage & ink

When it rains, it pours. For me this past week has been full of news I just did not want to hear. The American election results included (!!!!!!!) Making a paint heavy page with strong colours and scratchy mono prints really helped me. 

- acrylic & collage

As I have mentioned before this season, i often have nightmares, lucid dreams or just negative ones. For some reason my unconscious seems to go dark - or maybe they're just the ones I remember more?
I tried out Riet's marbling technique for my ethereal nightmare spread, I think I made my paint too liquidy but really loved this approach and will try again! You basically mix some paints and pour them into one another on the page. Riet makes such beautiful art this way, i was desperate to give it a try myself! 

Unfortunately, my images of this spread are weak - British winter is in full force so I think I'll be heading back to the scanner until spring now!

Oui / Non
- gold paint, ink & collage

I prefer my daydreams to my nightmares. Simple as that. 


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  1. Oh man, Julia, you kill it everytime. You make me wanna dive into inks and never come out again. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Me too , daydreams win! Your pages look even more awesome now I've seen you working in your journals thanks to the FB live video. YAy