This week was tough for me as I have a disgusting cold and felt pretty shitty whilst making these pages. I am committed to 52 weeks of creating though, and I'm not about to bow down to my immunity in November! 

- ink, collage & washi

We were prompted to write down the word dream, and then others that followed in our minds. I overlapped these with inks on the left hand page. I love the semi-transparent nature and how you have to search for the words. 

Breathing Dreams
- ink, glitter & photoshop

This quote is everything to me right now

Childhood Dreams
- ink & acrylic

I added the inky parts and text onto these previously acrylic colour-blocked pages. I was a child that really lived being a child. I never thought about growing up (although I wanted to be things constantly, like Clarissa, a my little pony, a penguin...) and I never thought about what job I would do or where I would live.. nothing. I think it was a great way to be because I really honoured being a child and living in that free period of time. 


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