I blogged last month about my trip to Scandinavia and am so happy that I now have finished my art journal that I developed whilst on the adventure!

I took two small journals with me, collected a ton of ephemera and then compiled them all once I was home. I used a tiny accordion moleskine journal for the final incarnation. It is the first time I have used this type of journal and I loved it. I think I might be hooked!

These are my favourite pages...

This was my first travel journal I have really completed. I always bring back scraps of paper to work into my art but I have never solely created a journal around one trip before. I like that there aren't any of my own images in it, I think it's a weird bridge between personal / non personal. 

I would love any tips for travel journalling, I am thinking about taking Lauren's course on travelling like an artist... My Christmas course list is growing!!!



  1. This will be so great to look back on! Wish I knew about art journaling 20 years ago ! So many courses, not enough time!!!