Last year some of the Get Messy Art Journal members grouped together to create some blurb books for charity. We focused on a particular theme for each on (UNHCR and WWF)

Torrie and Vanessa, who head up these charity book-zines asked recently if anyone would like to contribute to another theme, this time for girls education via the Malala fund. This is an organization created in Malala Yousafzai's name that is dedicated to providing girl's across the globe get access to 12 years of quality education. There are over 66 million girls missing from classrooms around the world! 31 million of those girls are primary school aged - and they'll likely never get a chance to enter a schoolroom.

As I have mentioned previously on this blog, I am a feminist and believe in equality for all genders across the world. Therefore, I felt this subject was especially important and personal to me. 

My pages are below and you can buy the magazine here. 


Visit the Malala fund website for more information on this amazing charity. 

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