An overview of all this weeks pages together - I am very impatient so often will create in multiple journals at once. Who has time to wait for things to dry?!

- ink, paint & felt tips

I don't have one specific "daydream" but many, many that change daily. I think daydreaming is important for your mental health as a little break from reality. I was always accused as a child for being too much in my own mind and I haven't changed much as an adult.. These inky swirls are so dreamy, I am really into my inks for the season of dreams as well as the inktober challenge I am doing this October.  

- collage, marbling, ink, pen & washi tape

As I have mentioned before, animals and most notably, my cat Oscar talk to me in my dreams. They never move their mouths (neither do humans in my dreams) but I hear their voices in my head - make sense? Kind of dream telepathy. I recently found out that my husband also dreams that Oscar can talk and that makes me ridiculously happy. 

- ink, collage & pen

As I said before, staying in the real world is a challenge for me. I love the images in this spread and drawing inky moons is one of my favourite things to do.


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  1. I need grounding too!!!!!! Lately eating root veges is helping. What is this thing called human we decided to do anyway? I love your work as always Julia, your ink work is fabulous!

    1. Thanks Meghan! i think being non-grounded is more fun anyways ;)

  2. Julia! LOVE that Oscar speaks to you! Love that you referred to Mark as 'my husband'! I really am into your inky pages for both Inktober and this Season. Just in awe of you in general.

    1. Ahh! I know, it's a weird thing (Mark being my husband in a formal context that is - not Oscar talking) that I'm trying to get used to! Thank you for the inky and general love <3 <3 <3