Sometimes when I read the prompts, I get stuck on just one. That happened this week. All of my pages are based around the question "what is really happening in your brain as you sleep?"

I re-used pages in photoshop that I had already created and scanned in over the last few years of my get messy journey. I wanted to re-count old pages in a new, mixed way, like your brain filtering through memories and thoughts as you sleep. 

I am left with a semi-series, with repeating colours and images. Much like last's weeks pages. 

Do you ever re-use images of your own work? I can't quiet tell if this technique (fun as it is) is almost like cheating or something really cool and unique?!


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  1. I make a lot of copies of art in my sketchbook to use in my art journal, so I'm in favor of it not being called "cheating". haha.

    and as always, Jules, your style is amazing.

    1. Perfect! Nice to know I'm not alone in this! Thank you! <3 :)

  2. Very cool, very unique and I love the result