I think we have officially found my ideal theme. Dreams are such a fascinating part of all our lives and a part I love to examine and talk about. I often have lucid dreams which turn into night terrors. I am so intrigued by the human psyche and what goes on under the surface, how our brains dissect our days, events and feelings. 

Colours and Fears
- ink, acrylic & photoshop

I wanted to start of this new season by trying to explain the nature of my dreams. They're not all bad but fear, anxiety and a lack of control are a common theme. I also have a weird thing where when people talk in my dreams, there mouths never move and animals talk to me in this way too. I also often dream of loved ones but they are almost always horrible. It's a vibrant place in my dream world, but also very scary and disconcerting.  

Magic, Fear, Clarity & Confusion
- collage, label maker, ink, pen & photoshop

This week I really enjoyed duplicating and layering images in Photoshop. So that I ended up with two pairs of pages almost. 
I used the wolf here as a symbol of protection for my night terrors. 

- ink, collage & photoshop

This page started with collaged sections from my ink boxes. The ink had leaked and made lovely patterns (you can see them in yellow). I then wrote out the words "you'll find me in the fragments, that's where I am" I wanted to dispel my identity from the terrors and turmoil that often are in my dreams. I am pretty obsessed with the smudged nature of the lettering, like a dream fading from your mind. 

Monsters Are Real
- collage, pen & photoshop

Again, I used the previous page background as a collaged digital element here. I put the sleeping girl in the palm of a hand as I often feel like your dreams are almost out of your own control and dictated by some force you cant control (hey subconscious)


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  1. Pretty awesome! Love how you use photoshop to create complicated blend of patterns! <3

  2. Might be my most favourite of your blog posts and pages ever!All the vibrancy and intensity paired with your thoughts about your dreams - amazing Jules!

    1. And an amazing comment from you! Thanks so much Em <3 :)

  3. Replies
    1. I think that could be my pseudonym! Thank you Tlee :)