I am almost back up to speed with my daily moleskine sharing! 

This post is my summer, from June - August

The moleskine is getting satisfyingly thick!


We moved in June, just before I did quite a bit of travelling for p[ersonal and work life. It was a stressful time and I felt like I had this impatient imp sat on my shoulder throughout it all. 

During my intensive travelling (to Chicago with work and then onto France for a friends wedding) I experienced a lot of night terrors. I tried to take notes of these when I could. I find dreams so interesting and am sure that my active ones are brought on from stress or a lot of activity in my life.



I completed the 100 day project just before I turned 28! 

That moment when you don't even feel like yourself in your own body and need a pep talk to get rid of the fat lumps! 

I had two hen weekends in consecutive weeks, so was trying my best to be healthy as I could during the weekdays between them!

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