At the beginning of the year, I started working on this awesome creative challenge. Color Chaos is a collaborative project involving me and 6 other art journallers. The participants are: 

 Lauren (Lilac)
Karen (Blue)
Vanessa (Gold)
Sharon (Red)
Patricia (White)
Katie (Pink)

We each started a journal in a specific colour, which was sent around the world to each person to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black, back with me and just ridiculously cool and inspiring! I chose a really small moleskine which I thought might be a challenge but apparently not! The journal meets all my expectations and more. I started my pages quite creepy and love how everyone embraced that theme. The complete journal is shown in the images below, enjoy it's darkness...  

We're so sad that this project is over! You can see all of our work on our blogs as well as on instagram under the hashtag #gmcolorchaos and who knows, a 2017 edition may well be in order.. ! 


  1. Ladies, you ROCK! Like, seriously, how good is it?! <3

  2. This journal is just amazing.