Another week, another zine! This time the squad made a zine for the lovely Essie. This feels like ages ago because Essie is Australian so the zine took a good three weeks from England to get there. The fear that it had gone to postal heaven was real! 

I was the last person to work on the zine, so I have added a lot of doodles and small elements to many of the pages, I just can't resist! 

Front cover - by Katie (?)

My page on the left, I used a quote from AHS:Freak show because when we first thought of the circus theme, I thought of that show! I also thought it would work well with the creepy looking bird on the right The tickets were already collaged on when I recieved the zine, they add a cool extra element to my big top illustration. 

I added the daggered heart and fortune telling text onto this left page, it makes me think of the opening animation for the series "love" as well as sinister premonitions and tarot cards.. 

I collaged on this lost girl on the left. I was thinking of wizard of oz type situations... 

My double spread - lyrics by the editors 

Of course, T-Swift is all my doing! 

These pages were pretty much complete, I just added some extra stamps by the elephant to really fill it up

I was still in my wizard of oz ideas when I made the page on the left, to live next to Katie's (?) elephant on the right

The fox and the words on the elft are mine, I think the page on the right is by Vanessa?

I added the doodles around elvis and then the page on the right is where we all sign off! 


The collaborators for this zine were:

You can find all of our other zines here and to see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!

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