Our latest zine squad victim was Misty!

We made Misty an Artist themed zine and it was such a cool theme to work on. Vanessa made the base and then I was second in line so I can't wait to check out what the other participants (linked below) created!

Front Cover
- collage, highlighters & ink

I used this Picasso quote over an image of an artists studio for the cover. Katie then kindly outlined my text with her neon gel pens - I knew as soon as I started writing that it'd be too dark but didn't have anything light enough to fix it! Obviously I need some more stationery ..

The felt tipped stripes on the left hand side are mine

My addition here is the quote by Hannah Horvath with ink splatter on the right

The acrylic paint splodge in the middle is mine. I love how it has been added to! I think this was worked on by Clare..?!

The half page on the left is mine. It's a mix of felt tips and collage. I also put on the post-it with quote and love that it stayed in a page. I knew it would fir nicely in the theme of this zine but was unsure where.


The collaborators for this zine were:

You can find all of our other zines here and to see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!


  1. Haha, so I thought V create the paint splotchy page, and I'm the one that added to it! :) It's like a mystery.

  2. I love to see how the pages developed! I think Katie worked over the in splodge, it wasn't me! Thanks for including me in the zine, I loved working in it.

    1. The splodge page has everyone guessing! Thanks for being a co-creator! <3