This is the last post for season of music! This season has flown by, I have often been late with my pages as life has been insane recently. This is annoying that I have less time to art journal but also means that the moments I can steal to do it, are pure solace for me. 

This week I focused on my first love, collage and what silence looks like in my mind. 

- collage & pen

Books and Bed
- collage & washi

- collage & washi

Wide Awake
- collage & washi

As a shout out to my fellow messians, these are the artists who (in my own opinion) have KILLED this season


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  1. "pure solace" OMG that's how I'm feeling about my art journaling time at the moment! Jules, I adore your pages and this week I'm so excited visiting your blog because I now have a moleskine to create daily in aswell. It's not dated so if i skip a day or do one or four pages it's all good, it is totally inspired by you so thank you! Emily x

  2. Jules, You make my heart sing!
    Thank you for the shout out! ��

    Your collage&stripes inspire me so much! I need to try this in my journal!