This week I went back to the oh comely magazine I have been using as an art journal and put all my pages in there. I love using magazines as journals - they are so quick and easy to do! No looking around for suitable imagery and also the articles can be inspiring and push your thoughts to new places.

The issue of oh comely that I have been using is all about sisterhood. I don't have a sister myself, so a lot of my pages this week are dedicated to my girl gang. 

- collage & marker pen

I wrote before about my love for the illustrator Tallulah Fontaine so I was crazy happy to see her work throughout this edition of oh comely. Living away from my closest friends, communication is imporatnt but also really difficult. I'm lucky to have people around me who understand this and who can just pick up where we left of - even if it's been months since we last touched base. 

- tombows, marker pen & collage 

Teenage rebellion and life long friends 

- tombows, marker pen & collage 

- washi, marker pen & collage 

- washi, collage & marker pen

About You
- washi, tombows, collage & marker pen

We were prompted this week (a prompt by me actually!) to respond to something we had recently read in the news. I made these two last pages about the diver who was proposed to at the Olympics. I thought this was a selfish and sexist act. It really irritated me and made me feel angry. This article here explains it perfectly for me. I can't understand how marriage is seen as achievement for a woman - or anyone, 


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