Week 2 of the season of music was all about nostalgia. I love this type of subject and music is something that can be so evocative of an era in your life. All my songs referenced this week are from my teenage / university years, a weird, embarrassing but exciting time! 

My art journal this week was mainly my copy of Oh comely as I was travelling yesterday for work on the train. oh Comely is my new favourite magazine obsession, I just want to live inside it.

- magazine & pen

Not even ashamed to say I only learnt about the Smiths from the film 500 days of Summer. 

- magazine, pen & photoshop

Anyone else remember this i pod advert song ?! 

Into You
- pen & photoshop

I cheat a little here as this song is pretty recent but i know teenage me would have loved it. Paramore were introduced to me by a friend at University and I just obsessed over them for a good few years. 

- ink & tombows

This was the first song I brought on i Tunes !! 


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  1. I love Oh Comely magazine too, in fact I am going to the international newsagent this weekend so I might grab a copy (always a bit old, but still good!).

  2. So much energy in your pages Jules! yay

  3. Your Bruises page is awesome, that boarder especially: so much color! I love all of these pages so much!! Also, there's no shame in learning about The Smiths a little late in the game, as long as you know about The Smiths, that's all that matters. ;)

  4. I never would have thought of altering a magazine, what a lovely idea! I really like that first one!

    1. You have to do it! It helps the rebel inside of me! ;)