Even though I have been actively participating in this project, I haven't actually shared anything since March! Ironically, life just got in my way. I will try and be better at this but for now... enjoy a snapshot of my spring (April and May)

I've found this journal to be a fun place to try out monthly challenges. April was all watercolour pages because I was taking part in Torrie's first #foxandwatercolour challenge and for August I am participating in #augustwithajournal. I also incorporated my 100 day project (#100daysoffelttips) into this journal as well. A year long project is tough so these external prompts really help me stay in the same book and give me a bit more inspiration and even direction! 


June and July to come soon! 


  1. Julia, I love this so much. I'm super inspired by you and the deconstruction you bring to this project. I really really want to do this in 2017. I think it would help me loosen up and get out of my super litteral comfort zone. What do you think? Will you go on? Would you still use a Moleskine or try another notebook?

    1. YASSSSSSSS. I totally will do it again in 2017! The moleskine I'm using, the pages are quite thin and ruled, I want to try next year with non ruled pages - hoping they might be a little thicker as well? I'd be honoured to have you along for the ride! <3

  2. Oh I am so in! Just trying to find the perfect format to make it happen :) You are an inspiration my friend!