GET MESSY 2016 | WEEK 30

This week has been crazy - I am so busy right now that these few hours I took to create and draw in my art journal were pure escapism. 

Home & Houses
- ink, gouache, tracing paper, pen, felt tip & label maker

I made this page in response to seeing my family back in Norfolk last weekend. my granddad (jokingly) asked if I would come and move in with him and my Grandma to help out around the house. He said "but you wouldn't like that, would you" I said "I'd like it too much actually, it'd be so easy"

The thing with living far away from these people, who are so dear to me is that every time I leave it is ridiculously difficult. I want to live in my grandparents house and talk about cats and the church and allotments but i can't because I have to pursue the other things in my life that give me joy and purpose - that frustratingly aren't where they are. It's a constant battle with myself, that I think anyone who lives away from friends and family will understand. It's not a simple choice and leaving is never easy. 

- felt tips & pen

Just call me Lauren Pearl - i too am obsessed with Christine and the Queens. I'm also pretty obsessed with these blooms!

ink, gouache, tracing paper, pen, felt tip & washi

A few months ago I watched the film Amy, about Amy Winehouse, her life and music. I was writing down lyrics and quotes as i watched the film and now i am starting to fill these in as pages. the girl is traced because i truly suck at drawing people ! 


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