It's our last week of Introspection! I've really enjoyed this season, but was very busy and preoccupied for most of it. I'm looking forward to our few weeks off from prompts, to really delve into the get messy blog and catch up on tutorials and other peoples work that I know I've missed. This season was also exciting for me because my get messy interview went up! A few months ago, I chatted with Lauren and Caylee (creators of Get Messy Art Journal) about how I came to start art journalling and all things fun and creative. It was a great experience and something I'd love to re-visit and continue doing. I am really passionate about most things in life, art and creativity being one of my most favourite things to discuss!

Anyway, this weeks pages.. 

Plus ca change
- acrylic, ink & collage

I love this quote and what it represents. it also feels very telling for my life, right now. The white acrylic over the ink was supposed to represent movement and speed but my boyfriend said it reminded him of pebbles under a stream, which I can also get on board with!

- ink & collage

Essentially the same theme. I am obsessed with this ink splatter. It is perfect!

- washi, ink & collage

A little collage from a brochure about lush spa's. Also, a perfect way to end the season of introspection, with a bit of calm. 

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