I made all of these pages in an hour between having my tea and doing yoga. I love creating a a rush like this and they are all collages which gives you an idea of my speed! 

My Thoughts
- collage & marker pen

This is literally how I feel about my thoughts. I find that things slip from my mind and I dart around very quickly. I also suffer from that thing of saying something, but then never being able to write that thought down or even articulate it again once the moment has passed. i wish I could be more literate as I think this would help manage all of my thoughts. As a result I live in a world of half written notes, emails and texts. I blame this on being dyslexic, when I was "officially" diagnosed I was told that managing thoughts, ideas and time poorly was a part of having dyslexia. It's annoying but I'm happy with my visual representation of that feeling in this page. 

- collage, felt tips & marker pen

We were prompted this week to think about intuition, specifically women's. I think that although I spend a lot of time in my head and feel like my intuitive side lives in me as a care giver and guide, that this is nothing to do with gender. I think we are prescribed to believe women's intuition exits more then men's just through socialistic ideals and stereotypes. 

- collage, felt tips & marker pen

I wanted this image in our introspection season because it made me think of the constant balancing act that is life. For me, living inside myself and also outside, like a normal person, is a juggling act.   

She / Us
- collage, felt tips & ink

A feminist page just for good measure!  

- collage

And another! 

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  1. I love your thoughts and the way you fix it!

  2. I love all of your pages this week. They are all amazing.

    1. Thanks Tlee, it's my favourite week so far too :)

  3. My sister and I used to watch Pippi Longstocking all the time. :)