This is our month mark of the current season of introspection with get messy. I've had a pretty hectic time in normal life recently so sitting down and creating (rather than doing DIY, travelling or working) has been a real respite for my brain. 

Future Me
- collage, ink & pen

I have never been one for having a 5 or 10 year plan, I think that life changes constantly and it's always better to just go with things. One of my least favourite questions as a child was "what do you want to be when you grow up?" because I didn't want to think about being an adult (still true) - I wasn't done being a child! So the face that I have a life that I really love is always a lovely surprise and comfort to me. 

 I'm just a girl

- collage & pen

Venting here about the limitations life has when you are female. I have always been hyper aware of the how being female has influenced my life, probably because I have an older brother so the differences were very obvious and I have feminist parents so it was never a subject not to discuss, more a subject to embrace and be aware of. It is something that still makes me very angry, the injustice that is completely un warranted just for being a she and not a he. 

- collage, felt tips & spray paint

The first thing I thought this morning, the bliss of silence. I had a migraine at the beginning of this week and post-migraine my brain treasures silence that little bit more. 

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  1. I've always *hated* the question "What do you to be?" or "what do you do?".

    I love these pages though. ;)

  2. I too hated that question, and now my kids are being asked it and I can see the torment in their eyes when they are asked - my 19 year old son in particular. I don't want them to grow up anyway!

  3. Future you is beautiful. I am always amazed at how ingrained the female experience is and how difficult it is to explain to even the most open minded men.

  4. Love this Julia! You have inspired me in a season that isn't so inspiring for me :)

    1. Maybe the biggest compliment miss Pearl <3