We're almost finished our color chaos project! It's strange because we anticipated it would take us the whole year so to be done in just 7 months is exciting and crazy. I currently have the gold journal, as my last, but I'm showing you the blue pages I made today. I felt like I didn't have this journal very long so I tried to be really proactive and add little bits often to it. This has resulted in not many finished pages made by me, but a lot of additions on others! I handed it over to Lauren last weekend (in person!!) and once she has worked her magic, it will be finished. 

This is our landing page for the well travelled blue journal! It arrived with me 10.06.16.

I added the spitfire image, a vintage inspired spread would be so cool! 

Some textiles from elle decoration.. 

I filled in the spaces left from collage with some felt tipped triangles

Sail away with me honey.. 

I loved this collage on the left and added the blue textile for a tactile element 

This was my only full page spread! I wrote about tea leaves and how to tell fortunes with them. Something I would love to try, very Professor Trelawney. 

The mermaid on the left was so I saw in Lisbon last year <3 

Acrylic ink spoltches

Ink for days 

Felt tipped lines

My favourite method! 

This was a little magazine pop out.. 

More textile images from elle dec

I added the flip image of chicago at night to Vanessa's explore pages

Mosiac / collage

Pretty much a representation of how my brain felt whilst I had this journal! 


Color Chaos is a collaborative project involving me and 6 other art journallers. The participants are: 

 Lauren (Lilac)
Karen (Blue)
Vanessa (Gold)
Sharon (Red)
Patricia (White)
Katie (Pink)

We each started a journal in a specific colour and it gets sent around the world to each participant to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black and this blue one is Karen's. 


  1. I love what you have done to the blue! Since having it I have only added to pages.....maybe it's the nature of the blue beast?

  2. wow, I feel like you added so much to this journal! So many little details!