This week I just wanted to get out some paint and play! I love this kind of practise as it reminds me of being a child and really brings me a lot of joy. With my travelling for the last week or so, I think I really missed literally getting my hands dirty. 

My World
- acrylic & pen

This is my world as created from an ink blot. I used this technique for this page too but with ink only. Acrylic gives you a real texture and tactile element. I'll be living here in the colours and patterns whilst this whole brexit thing goes on.. heh

 The love for acrylic was real this week ... 

Nothing is real
- acrylic & collage

When I think of introspection, I also think of imagination because that is what lives inside of my brain. I am fascinated by the way our brains work and how everyone perceives events differently from one another. This is what this spread represents, how nothing can ever be real because everything is all perspective.

Self Improvement
- collage, pen & photoshop

Self improvement is a constant thing and I think as beings, we are (or should be) constantly evolving and trying to better ourselves. When I was away last weekend my friend told me about something she read, that only 2% of people are truly kind and giving. Selfless and honest. We all decided that I was borderline until I didn't give a child my wedding favour tic tacs and that made me a non 2-percenter! This is now my new goal, to be a 2 percenter and to work on myself as if it were an art form.

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  1. acrylic paints are right up there with watercolors for me! I love them!

  2. beautiful texture in that ink blot, love all the white, like ribs

    1. Love it, I didn't see them but will act as if they were intentional ;)