I am travelling this week so again, relying on a scheduled post! 

I am really enjoying this new season, I find getting into my own head easy but translating it into art intentionally more difficult. Having my own art room (!!!!) in my new house has helped though. It's in the attic, really light and I can hear birds so quite idyllic and very different to using my coffee table, which was what I was used to in the old house. I can also get over some of my creative space jealousy that I had when looking at other peoples set ups! 

- collage, sharpie & stamps

We were prompted to think of our negative attributes and make a positive collage from them. I find my negative points quite easy to point out as they are things I am either constantly working on (impatientnce, selfishness, dyslexia, vanity) or things pointed out to me from others (blunt, insualr, stubbon). I love my mixed up collage and I used my fingerprints as little stamps too ! 

- collage & pen

I made this collage from the left over parts of the first one. I am feeling quite overwhelmed right now with all aspects of life and this seem to represent me right now - call it a self portrait!

When you know
- ink, collage & washi 

When drawing myself, I draw myself a lot of the times with ears or tails (fox, tiger, lion) and especially with whiskers. I am all in to spirit animals and like to pull my own in my portraits. As basic as they are! I was thinking here about moments in my life so far when I have turned a different path to my peers and there were too many to focus on just one so I made a page about just  knowing. 
I included moons because I am a slow reactor to life, it takes me a few months to really absorb things so I wanted a nod to time and reflection as well. 

I'm really enjoying enough daylight to take pictures for my blog rather than scanning every time! 

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  1. wow, your overwhelmed self portrait is so amazing, and so feely.

  2. I love that overwhelmed portrait too. Really powerful. But the cat one has my heart!