We are in our first week of get messy's season of introspection. Last week I blogged about my nerves for this season but in reality, I loved creating these first pages and they came to me easily. Lets hope it's a theme that'll continue!

- collage, ink, acrylic & pen

I come back to pages like this constantly because it's what I make when I'm not thinking. I was writing about the freedom of art and the luxury I have to create. 

- ink & collage

My spirit animal is a fox. I deciphered this from seeing one a few years ago in my garden and it looked into my soul. I kid you not. This page is dedicated to my fox friend that day. 

- collage & ink

I am using up an illustrated diary from 2015 by a German artist I have since regrettably forgotten the name of! The drawing on the left (to me) is like meeting yourself again and being comforted by you. I think there is something so powerful about the idea that you rescue you and the inner you can take care of the outer you.  

I can't wait to see how everyone else tackles this season, please check out the get messy blog and insta for more art and inspiration! 

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  1. Yes, wouldn't it be nice if pages just flowed easily all the time? So nice when it happens.
    To have those moments with the wild or a wild creature is really special, to make a page about it is an important thing to do. Love how you created that Fox Page!

  2. You rescuing you, I love that ! I'm a big believer in that too. Popping in here today reminds me why I love art journaling and why I want to push through the hurdles of my creativity ( or jump over them haha).

    1. This makes me so happy to read, you're too cute Em <3