The get messy zine squad is made up of three core creators (Vanessa, Katie, Myself) and for each individual zine, we invite members from the get messy art journal group to collaborate with us. Last Autumn, my co-creators Katie and Vanessa surprised me with my own woodland zine. This then led on with me and Vanessa surprising Katie with her own one around the theme of infinite possibilities and now it has all come full circle and we have zined Vanessa! 

We chose to create the zine around her 52 portraits project that she curated last year (which is also available as a class from the get messy store!) making this probably the most personal zine we've worked on so far. 

- collage, pen & washi

Vanessa is an archaeologist so human remains, bones and form come into her work a lot. i loved this portrait she did near the beginning of her 52 week project and I overlaid some images over top to create a small flip book. The words come from Vanessa as well.

P.S. I constantly had skeleton song by Kate Nash in my head when making these pages, totally underrated song IMHO.

The card on the left was added by Caylee I think, the image of V, by me. 

- collage & ink

This is my favourite image from Vanessa 52 week portraits. I love the vibrancy of the grass and the linking of the arms towards one another. I put the tigress in this collage because all women are fierce tigress's especially with their young. I love the strong, protective feline vibes from it. I also really liked the text "collectively, we've known each other for a while" I am a big believer in souls and other lives and often wonder if you are linked to your families forever in ways we can never really understand. It's that sense of knowing and belonging. 

The collaborators for this zine were: 

Caylee, Lauren, Torrie, Katie, & Myself 

To see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram! 


  1. I just love the bold colors of your tiger page!

    1. Thank You!!! That jumping tiger is a favourite of mine :D