At the beginning of the year, I collaborated on a Romeo and Juliet themed zine with the wonderful Karen. We loved this topic so much that it was also hijacked for a secret zine squad project!
Emily was our chosen person to zine because she is married to her childhood sweetheart and probably one of the most adorable, romantic and sweet people I know. 

Cover, by Karen

Did my heart love til now
- collage, acrylic & pen

The zine was made from old book pages which was a nice change of medium for me. I created this collaged piece using acrylic as my glue because I had run out (!) and I am loving the washed out effect it gives. 

When the sun came up
- ink, stencil & pen

Emily is a little Swifty fan like myself so I couldn't resist putting some sneaky Taylor lyrics in here. 
This background technique of layering inks is my favourite, favourite, favourite <3 

- collage

A quick collage of all things young love, runaway and dramatic gestures.. 

I was the second person to work on this zine so check out everyone else's pages to see how it evolved!

The collaborators for this zine were: 

To see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!


  1. Receiving this Zine made my week ! I have looked through it So Many ! times and it's hard to put into words how much I adore it. Today reading the stories behind the pages has been wonderful. I'm beyond inspired and so grateful to be art journaling and part of the awesome community that is Get Messy. Thanks so much Julia and The Zine squad. (p.s for the record not actually married to my childhood sweetheart (phew!), but am married to my soul mate who I met when I was 25, so long ago and one of our early dates was seeing Romeo and Juliet performed in the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne). <3 <3 <3

    1. Haha! I was going off how young you looked in your wedding picture! I'm so happy you love your zine <3 <3 <3