GET MESSY 2016 | WEEK 20

We are in our season break for get messy and I am also moving house. This has meant my evening this week have been spent packing and organising. One thing I am not taking with me to my new home, will be my collection of magazines. I have been stashing away Vogue's and Elle's since 2008 (!) so my collection is now ridiculous. Overwhelming - also, very unnecessary. Going through them all has been a cathartic process, as I always find sorting out things in life. I am keeping any image from each magazine that I think will help me in art journalling and this weeks pages are all from these old magazines. 

- collage & sharpies

My guilty pleasure is little mix, I just love that kind of crazy addictive pop music that they make and their last song has been in my head for what feels like years. This is my favourite line from it. 

 Heaven is a jungle
- collage, photoshop & sharpies

I'm going on holiday in a few days and drawing / doodling / photoshopping this page has gotten me so excited for some non British nature ! 

 My Body
- collage, photoshop & sharpies

I have spent my week listening to ladies who lunch Podcasts (I highly recommend!) and the episode on body image I find really interesting. This page is a response to that (and other things that occur in my life, being a young woman who happens to be short and slim - sideways eyes to anyone who says I am a pixie, could live in a matchbox, relates me to a teenager etc)

 Teenage Kicks
- collage, photoshop & sharpies

A marbled wonderland, with Emma Watson as Alice. 

- collage, & sharpies

Again, waiting for some real time outside! I stole this quote from Lauren because I just adore it.

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