We've reached the end of another season! I'm really sad to see this one go, I've thoroughly enjoyed all the prompts and working in my new moleskine format. I've also nicely just hit the middle of that journal and can't wait to fill the rest with our next season.. ! 

This week we actually had sunshine in the U.K so I have abandoned my usual scanned pages for outside photographs.. with extra help from a little fluffy thing too. 

26. Currently Watching
- pen, highlighter & washi

I have started to dip into the craft swap goodies sent to me from Jessica - it was colour themed and she chose pink for me. There was a ridiculous amount of epherma and tea (TEA! actual tea! I still can't get over that, tea is one of my most favourite things) that Jessica put into my swap parcel. These washi's are super cute and playful and perfect for this page. I dedicated my current watchlist to these shows I watched whilst in America last week for work. I was very tired for my whole trip and these shows were perfect down time, lazy, binge watching material.   

27 & 28 Home, Permission
- collage, washi, pen & acrylic

This paper bag from scribbler has done me so well, I just love the pattern! (I'm also not the only one, Lauren used it this season as well)

These two pages are simple and to the point. Home is when I'm with my loved ones and I want to be a fearless person, so I give myself permission to be just that. 100% and in orange paint! 

29 & 30 Peaceful, Luxuries in life
- collage & washi

The left hand Polaroid is from my final university project. I made textiles for a little room (bedding, wallpaper, rug) and put my friend in it and took pictures of her sleeping. It was about being re-united with your lost things and I have kept all my images from the project. I wanted to put it in here as a dedication to how much I love sleeping and how grateful I am for being a good sleeper - it is a genuine skill of mine! I am most at peace whilst asleep as well as making a mess, hence all the collaged layers underneath my Polaroid. I love how the shadows from the grass fall over this page, making it really dreamlike and ethereal. 

The opposite page is my luxury in life - travel. I travel a fair bit and I love to do it! To explore and experioence new things and cultures.. it's up there as a favourite pastime and something I am so fortunate to be able to do.  

This is my cat Oscar, he hates art. Genuinely. He knocks over my supplies and gets unsettled when I'm doing creative things in "his" house. 

I hope you've enjoyed this season and if you're not a member of get messy yet.. right now is the perfect time to join! Just click the link below... do itttttttt ;)

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  1. Great pages. Travel is my biggest luxury too. I met my husband traveling so 22 years later we still make it a priority with our 2 kids who have been to many places already at 11 and 12 years old.

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    2. What an awesome childhood they'll have with adventurous parents like you!