I am currently on a training course with work so I premade these lists and am hoping there are no issues with my scheduled post today!

Coming towards the end of the season, I can safely say that it's been my favorite so far. I don't know if that's because I was so expecting to dislike it or if it's because I've really fallen for my moleskine. Creating in a journal I really love and also, creating to the same size each week has given me a more defined focus then the way I usually make. I don't think this structure is something I could always do (I would eventually rebel and go back to my myriad of sketchbooks and scrap papers) but for this season, I've loved it.

21 & 22 Lucky, Old VS Young Me
- ink, tissue, modge podge, collage, pen & sharpies

The left is a page dedicated to my first fortune cookie given to me by my friend when I was about 16. It read "You will be succsesfull at anything you try" and never has another cookies message come close! I kept it for years and I think it was actually in a college sketchbook of mine but I have no idea if I still have it anywhere now.
The collage on the right is actually of moomin creater Tove Jansson and her grandmother. I have used it though to be the same perosn, looking at themselves from either perspective of life. I love this image and I love the concept of communicating with future or past selves.  

23 & 24 Inspired, Inside Me
- collage, washi, pen, ink, bleach, sharpies

- marker pen

Essentially this pinterest board, written out

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