Eugh. This journal was the toughest for me. I knew red would be a challenge because I hardly use it in my artwork - which is odd because I have red hair and wear a lot of red clothing. I was hoarding the journal for a good few weeks before I attempted anything and I only started because the deadline to send it off was approaching rapidly! This push helped me though, otherwise I would of kept politely ignoring it forever. Once I got going in the journal, it wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated but, as you will see from the images below, I rarely finished a page. The red journal is now off to Vanessa who can hopefully help some of my pages out!

Color Chaos is a collaborative project involving me and 6 other art journallers. The participants are: 


We each started a journal in a specific colour and it gets sent around the world to each participant to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black and this red one is Sharon's. 


  1. These journals can be quite the challenge, can't they?

    It looks like the "design something red" page is coming along nicely!

  2. You shouldn't have ignored it as it's so so pretty!