Our most recent zine was for co-squad member, Katie.

Katie is obsessed with all things lunar and space orientated, so we made her zine based around the theme of infinite possibilities...

- collage, labels & acrylic

The quote on the back was already there when the zine arrived with me (I was second in line, after Vanessa) and it needed some colour! I decided to go with an abstract paint palette feel, mostly inspired by the quote Vanessa had used. I love creating in this abstract way and really love the end result!  

- watercolour & ink

This page is 100% inspired by Dallas Clayton  

- collage & ink

Vanessa's page on the left, mine on the right. I used similar colours to V and finished off her sticker text. This was a favourite page of mine because I love the technique of ink and a heat gun! 

You're Awesome
- washi tape, acrylic & pen

A little love note among this playful washi tape collage.

I had so much fun surprising Katie with her zine! 
The collaborators for it were: 

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