The Zine Squad strikes again! This time, we "zined" fellow get messy creative team member, Nina.
The zine was themed around home and it turned out beautifully. 

Home is when I'm alone with you! 
- felt tips, stamps & pen

I tried to co-ordiante my page (right side) with the colours on the left. They're lovely and warm, super cosy and homely. I took the lyrics from this song and made a watercolour-y background using felt tips and water. I love the simplicity of this page which is a more unusual style for me. 

Home & Heart
- felt tips & pen

My anatomical heart on the left is sliiiightly in accurate due to my drawing skills, but you get the point! 

Home Bird
- collage, washi & pen

This was my favourite page, I had a bit too much fun animating the birds! 

The collaborators for this zine were: 

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