GET MESSY 2016 | WEEK 13

This past week for me has been pretty hectic. I squeezed in some get messy time over Easter but I wasn't really feeling what I was making so decided to give myself a bit of breathing room.

I wanted to keep up with my commitment to posting weekly though, so I spent this evening on Photoshop, working through old images and seeing what I could create new from them. I say it so many times, but this is what I love about digital art. Your own archived collection that you can re work over and over again. 

Broken Heart
- photography, pen & photoshop 

I found this photograph from Sandringham that I took years ago. I was out for the afternoon with my grandparents, trying to distract myself from a dickhead of a boyfriend. So even though it's a perfectly innocent image of a royal bow, to me it symbolizes heartbreak, fragility and an undercurrent of wanting to flee. I had text to go with this page but it didn't sit right anywhere. It read "oh, never mind. Just my heart breaking over and over again". It was a strange time in my life because it was probably the weakest I have ever felt but it made me really strong. Thinking back to being 18 and in a tempestuous relationship, it's like looking back at another person. 
Still - I've made some pretty cool art from it all! 

- photography, collage, ink & photoshop 

This quote from girls perfectly sums up how I feel about art journalling. It's a weird thing to describe and explain. I was looking at a new house recently, and I got very excited over a potential art room. The estate agent looked at me for an explanation and I said " I like to do a lot of art" and I think she thought I was insane. I just don't know the right way to explain it?!

In My Mind
-  felt tips, pen & photoshop 

Merging Taylor Swift and imaginary friends.  

- felt tips & pen 

I watched Amy a few nights ago. I highly recommend it for a watch as it was fascinating, sad and quite bittersweet.

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  1. the butterflies! I love these pages. Imagining yourself in an art room has got to be the most important step to buying a place. In looking at places for us in Beijing, my husband said : 'and here you can do all your art journaling!' (love him)

    1. Thank You! :) I can't even get excited about an art room, it's too amazing! Maybe I need your husband to come look at houses with me? ;)