Welcome to my favourite week of the season so far.. 

15 & 16 This season, I'm proud of
- ink & pen 

I shared list 15 last week  but thought I'd show it again, in it's double spread form. 
We were prompted to think about what we were most proud of and I took this as an opportunity for self indulgence. As a British person, I think we are often quick to undersell ourselves so list 16 was a really nice one to illustrate.

I know my lists aren't a lot of the time "lists" as they just have one point but... they're mine. 

17 & 18 Books I love, In six months
- collage, pen, ink & acrylic 

I am a pretty avid book reader, I have been since I was young and my mum encouraged me to read to help with my spelling. It defiently helped and I fell in love with it quickly. My favourite books are ones I can and will read again as well as being ones that tie me to a certain period in my life and fill me with memories. 

As for in six months, well, I'll be married. I'll have a new name and I think I'll still be loving that background of pink ombre <3 

19 & 20 What I love about art, Gratitude
- ink & pen 

Pretty self explanatory and look! A real list! 

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  1. Love your lists! I adore that ombré with just "married" I never seem to manage understated lol. Lovin this season- need to get my week of lists onto the blog.

    1. Thank You! Understated doesn't come easy to me either.. it's a struggle not to overload each page ;)

  2. That pink ombre though... :)