Week 3!

11. Right Now
- collage, washi & pen

Spring time in Britain can mean snow, hail, blistering sun and clouds. Usually in one day. I am so eager for it to happen though, I need some vitamin D urgently! Last weekend we helped a bumblebee out of hibernation with some sugar water so I think that's a real sign that it's here! 

12. Magic
- ink, tea & collage

I may of stolen some lyrics from Ricky Martin on this page - no shame. 
Now that we have actual daylight again I want to try and take more in progress / just finished shots. As much as I love a good scan, I find these kind of images are more interesting and personal. 

13 & 14 Things to try, Call me
- acrylic, highlighter & pen

Being overambitious and doodling my name over and over.. 

15. This Season
- collage, acrylic

This says it all really. And that gold ombre.. <3 

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