Week 2 of Messy Lists. I am enjoying this season so much more than I had anticipated. I have started to create quite minimal (for me!) pages and I like a new way of approaching my journal. We are given each week a list of list prompts and a list of journalling prompts, it's the way in which we all pair these differently that is the most interesting, I think. 

6. When I grow up
- acrylic & label maker

I would like to be able to say I am a real artist - I can say I am a designer (day job) but owning the title of artists is so much harder. Especially when I don't draw. 

7. Loves of my life
- highlighters & pen

I tried to make this a really long list but ran out of things. A capsule love lists can't be a bad thing though. 

8 & 9 What I've learnt, Superpower
- collage, pen, acrylic & ink

The illustrations on the left are from my 2015 diary that I never really got aorund to using. I am the same every year with paper diaries, I get enchanted by them and then they just collect dust. this one I loved and I'm starting to rip it up so that the drawings get a new lease of life!
On the right is a page dediacted to being a witch. this is a superpower I have always dreamt of having because I grew up in the 90's surrounded by cool witches. Sabrina, especially was my ultimate teen icon. I brought some boots just the other day that make me feel cool and witchy as well. I just freaking love it. 

10. I want to go

I love to travel and to explore and after visiting Japan last year, my bucket list of destinations is more open. I had coveted Japan for years so visiting was a real dream come true and I defiently want to travel more of Asia. I also just want to travel in general though. See everything! 

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  1. Ahem I think you are an artist already !

  2. Julia, I am in love with the Witch page! LIKE SO MUCH! Also the statement on the left of that page is so true