We have a new get messy season! Get Messy has teamed up with 30 days of lists to create this season, messy lists. It's a combination of art and list prompts that can be mixed and matched to whatever way suits you.  

I'm not particularly a "lister" by nature so this season will be a challenge for me, which I am looking forward to!

Also, seems like I was on a bit of a bird kick this week.. 

1. I am the best at
- collage

Some things I missed off this list; breakfast making, opinions, colour, drinking copious amounts of tea..

2, 3 & 4. Lessons learnt, This colour makes me feel, Sacrifices
- collage & felt tips

On the left, a list of lessons learnt. The doodles are all made with my non dominant hand (left). This was eye opening for me because I like to believe I am ambidextrous. I'm not, I'm really not.
The doodles are also all in yellow, my favourite and most happy colour. It's really that simple, it just makes me happy :) 
The right hand collage is about having chosen to start my career after University, rather than travelling. It's a sacrifice I went into willingly and still stand by but it's also one that surprised me. I always thought I would take a gap year or go backpacking, but when the time came it just didn't sit right with me and I embarked on a different adventure of graduate work!

5. Mysteries to explore
- ink & marker pen

I would definetly describe myself as agnostic. I'm kind of on the fence about everything until it's proven. I'm dubious about a lot of things just because I think we don't know. And I'm OK with not knowing. This quote is adapted from Educating Yorkshire and every time I look at it, it makes me grin. 

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  1. I love how you do things, always a pleasure to visit!

  2. Your use of color is always so fab.

  3. I was so curious to see your take on the listing aspect of this season and I knew i'd love it. I like where it's going. (are you using a Moleskine?)