I can't believe how quickly we're getting through these journals! I just finished and sent of to London this white journal. I am a big lover of white and neutrals, it's a nice contrast in my brain to my usual insane colours. 

Color Chaos is a collaborative project involving me and 6 other art journallers. The participants are: 


We each started a journal in a specific colour and it gets sent around the world to each participant to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black and this white one is Patricia's. 

- collage & highlighter

- collage & label maker

The tags were already on this page, I added the envelope with the love note in from wolf to moon. 

- collage, ink & sharpie

Because every journal needs a feminist rant inside somewhere ;)

- collage

This skiing lady was in the pre sent white epherma that came with the journal. I thought she belonged quite happily  here. 

- collage

A tiny addition to Vanessa's page 

And some pages for people to add to.... 

- collage, label maker & sharpies

This song is my anthem 

For sneak peaks, check out #gmcolorchaos on instagram where we share our progress!