At the end of 2015, i was lucky enough to be involved in this amazing project; Get Messy x UNCHR. It was a charity magazine created by the get messy group and it was a huge success. You can still buy a copy here and see the pages I created for it here

We decided to keep creating these charity magazines and our next edition is live! Our theme this time is wildlife and environment conservation, with all proceeds going to the WWF. 
WWF is a charity close to my heart, I am a huge wildlife lover and strongly believe that animals should be treated with the same respect and kindness as humans. I regularly donate to the WWF myself and I couldn't be more proud that my art is able support such a fantastic organisation.

I created two pages, one for animals and one for the environment. to say I am in good company with what everyone else submitted is a massive understatement! 

Buy this magazine and you'll be supporting WWF in it's quest to protect our planet. You'll also get this beautiful printable from Fox and Hazel as a thank you.