GET MESSY 2016 | WEEK 12

This week I have fallen back in love with collage.. 

- spray paint, washi tape, acrylic & collage

During our season of happy, one of the prompts was to use graffiti as inspiration. I wasn't happy with the pages I produced for this prompt so I have returned to it now and I am much happier with the end results! 

- felt tips & collage

This was another altered happy page. I had written the word over and over on this page but I in't love it. I'm much more pleased with it now that this collage is over the top. It makes me think of rebellion and individuality. A main source of my happiness! 

- collage & photoshop

Last weekend was the spring equinox and I am so happy to have some sunshine back in my life. I am a definite summer person and I hate winter. Each year spring revives and excites me for what lies ahead over the next few months. 

- photoshop, collage & pen

I jotted down this quote from Mona Lisa Smile a few weeks ago and found this abstract photoshop shape in the middle worked perfectly. 

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