GET MESSY 2016 | WEEK 11

We are in our in-between season stage again for get messy, but I am continuing (as are many of our group) to create weekly. This week I was at my parents for a few days so I took my limited art supplies with me and also raided my mums stationery stash ... 

 Japanese Weave
- collage

I actually made this (and a load other!) last weekend. I had seen this pin and it got my brain ticking over. I used Japanese paper that I think Megan sent to me (?) and a Japanese newspaper that came from TC's last swap bundle. I like these two papers mixed with the fresh vibrancy of the leafy magazine image. Paper weaving is so addictive and relaxing, something I can happily do for hours. 

- post its, felt tips, highlighters & pen

Whatever You Want
- felt tips & pen

These two pages were inspired by the amazing riot grrrrl force of Kathleen Hanna. How I did not know of this woman until now is beyond me and I am becoming full on obsessed. 
For the second spread, I drew the lines on without looking at the paper. I quite like the idea of exploring this way of unconscious creating and want to try more techniques like it. 

- post its, felt tips & pen

I was drawing inspiration here from my parents recent trip to Cambodia. My dad showed me 400+ photo's so I had a lot of inspiration! 

- post its & washi tape

I had to cover up part of my previous snake page after I had made a mistake. This is the thing with using only essential tools - I had no paint or glue to cover with so I improvised with some post its! The cut off's made the page above, secured with washi tape that I keep in my bag because I am that cool. 

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