It is our last week of happy and I'm really sad to see this season end! That being said, the pages I made this week aren't actually that "happy" but I definitely enjoyed creating them! 

- acrylic, collage & photoshop

One of our prompts this week was to think back to your childhood and try and focus on an early happy memory. This for me was being very small (2-3 years old) and playing with paint in play school. We used to do this thing of dipping a marble in paint and then rolling it on a paper lined tray to create patterns. I LOVED this as a child and I had so much fun re creating the method for this prompt. My only qualm was that I had acrylic paint which isn't the best to create smooth lines. I layered the pages I made in Photoshop and then collaged this "art" text over it. I was thinking a lot about what makes art and what makes an artist, mainly fuelled on by the first get messy conversations that were released this week and Lauren's self portrait of being an artist. Personally, I think that art is art - 100% personal and subjective. I enjoy that it can't be pinned down how much discussion and passion surrounds it. 

Crocodile Tears
- collage, acrylic & photoshop

I'm not sure why I made this passive aggressive page about crocodile tears. Probably some left over emotions about something or other. I liken it to a get messy post that Vanessa created a few weeks ago about thinking you are over something and then realizing it's coming back around again. The mish-mash and rushed feel of this page and creating little mono prints as I have over the crocodile are of my favourite techniques now I have paint back in my life !  

- photoshop

At the beginning of this season we organised another get messy swap. I was partnered with the lovely TC Larson sending to me and the circular prints are all her. I made a Photoshop collage with these (so I can use the real version in something else!) and wrote a small text in the corner. I was thinking about Sir George Martin passing and the Beatles. I have a particular association with the Beatles because I was named after a song of theirs and I just love the music. 

Red is not my colour
- acrylic & photoshop

I never use red in my art journal or my design work. This is often weird to me because I have red hair and a lot of red clothing and shoes! It just isnt a colour i gravitate too when being creative though. I'm not sure what made me reach for it this week but I love the layers and texture in this photoshop collage. I had mono printed over an image of a palm tree, scanned it in and then layered pieces over one another from it. I changed the vibrancy and contrast of each layer to add more depth and also put in a yellow swiggly ink page that I'm yet to do anything with. When cutting out the pieces from the red paper, I was actually cutting out the word "OK" over and over again. I am feeling anxious about some family things happening next week so this was a re-assuring task for my brain.

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  1. I love your bright and happy "love" page!

  2. Gah, your pages just get me every week! Love that last red page so much - perfectly grungy and layered <3

  3. i agree, the last page, you can just make out the OKs and it's great. My favorite is the crocodile tears page, love the way you expressed that sentiment!

  4. I love to check in to see what you have been up to. Your pages are refreshing and different, red may not be your colour, but you know how to use it.