This week I got a little carried away with the first prompt. We were asked to think about what we were like as children and to explore that within our art journal. I took this with a running leap and really enjoyed making these throwback colourful pages! I was always a creative, messy and imaginative child. I remember telling people that I was going to study art and no one was surprised. I think it surprised me most of all as I had never envisioned further education for myself. I think that young Julia would be very happy with all the grown up colouring in I do - inside and outside of work :)

- ink, collage, felt tips & photoshop

I seem to be having a real moment right now for rebellion and not wanting to conform. Lately I have been feeling like people are trying and expecting me to fit into a box where I don't belong. I think a lot of this criticism comes from within me and I often feel the need to declare my differences - even though I don't think anyone other than me really cares! 

- collage, acrylic & photoshop

This left hand page I had created a while ago but I'm not sure if I ever shared because it was a bit basic. I stuck in an information leaflet from Lisbon on the right to add in a couple of extra pages to my journal! I wanted to create an "inside my mind" piece here so you open it up and...  

You're in storytime! Adventure and wonder and nature... Oh my ! This is a collaged spread using epherma from my visit to Japan last year as well as other treasures I had saved. 

First Love
- collage & sharpie

I thought it'd be cool to dedicate a page to collage and doodles. They are my first artistic loves. My fail safes, my comfort blankets when I want some art therapy. 

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