This little pink journal was a dream to work in. It is part of a collaborative project involving me and 6 other get messians called color chaos. The participants are: 


We each started a journal in a specific colour and it gets sent around the world to each participant to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black and this pink one is Katie's. 

I loved the size and format of this journal, I'll favour ring bound journals forever! All of my pages are pretty self explanatory and I can't wait to see how this journal evolves, especially the group pages that Katie put in place for us! 

- collage & ink

- collage & pen

- collage, ink & acrylic

- collage

- stamps by Lauren, ink dots by me

- spray paint & collage 

- collage of one of my etsy prints

- collage

Is sticking a my little pony picture in here considered cheating? ;)

More color chaos coming soon! 


  1. I think my little pony should be mandatory for all the journals all the time! Love all of the pages as always!

  2. Looks so lush! Your dots complete my stamping so well!