This zine was made for my friend Lauren aka Lauren Pearl. She is a lover of all things creepy and dark so the theme for her was pretty obvious.

I had the zine last so I have doodled on lots of the pages as I just couldn't resist!

Front Cover
- labels by me

- collage & embroidery

I added the embroidered diamond on the left. I wanted to counter the bound lady on the right somehow and this seemed perfect. It's leftover from a University project I did all about luck and magpies, which turned out decidedly creepy. 

Trick Or Treat
- sharpies & collage

I added on the moths and bugs as well as their shiny sharpie pulses. I also added on the ink spill in the middle (!!!!!!) 

- ink & collage

The left hand side is mine. I thought this image of the wolves looked liked an explanation of werewolves and liked the link to the text and lunar red moon on the right. I made my side tie in with the woodland aspect as well by creating inky trees to enclose my werewolves in. 

My only credit to this spread is the extra heart / blood shapes coming out of Essie's collage on the right. 

- collage, acrylic & label maker

I made a very similar spread for my black journal and couldn't resist giving Lauren one too. The background is bronze, blue and black - kind of bruise like and the birds are flocking.

Again - a small edition here. The zaggy lines around the venus fly trap are all mine

- collage & felt tip

Vanessa's Maleficent warranted some serpent servants ... 

- ink, acrylic & collage

I had this VAMP text already and where better for it to live than with Katie's vampire Zooey Deschannel?! I don't think Katie actually meant to model her on Zooey but it's all I see here. On the right I have stamped out Lauren's favorite quote from the craft. 

We're totally the weirdos here.

The collaborators for this zine were:
EssieKatieVanessa & Myself

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  1. If you didn't know Julia I completely adore this zine! Thank you for doing it and thanks for your swish doodles!