It's our first get messy season of 2016!
Let's get happy! 

- ink, felt tips & photoshop

Happiness for me is colour, mess and pattern. I just am that kind of person and it's this style of image that makes me smile inside and out.

- collage, felt tips & photoshop

I have always loved reading - bedtime stories were my favorite time as a child and my parents really encouraged me to read to help with my spelling. I love to be transported in another world through books and to stretch my imagination. I also love how no matter where I am, reading a book makes me feel like I am at home. It is pure escapism and a real luxury to me. 

Your Day
- ink & photoshop

I like this quote because it rings true and I try my absolute best to live by it. I don't know if I am a naturally positive or pessimistic person; but i do know how actively I try to be kind, happy and encouraging. To myself and to others. If I have learnt anything from yoga it is that smiling really does make the world of difference when you think you are struggling.

Be A Sunflower
- ink & photoshop

Yellow is my favourite colour. Sunflowers are my favourite flower. Summer is the best time of year. This page literally brings me JOY!