This week was annoying for me. I've been sick - and it was my favourite prompts that I had written! I am not totally satisfied with my pages this week for them, so when I am better, I plan to re visit the prompts and have another attempt. For now though - welcome to my colourful world of week 3, Season of Happy. 

- washi tape

For Valentines Day my boyfriend gave me a tower of washi tape. As soon as I saw them , I knew this was a page to create! I love the random stripes and varying patterns.

Drowning In Colour
- collage & acrylic

If you look closely, you'll see a woman in the left drowning in all the paint. This is more and more a metaphorical page for me, the longer I look at it. I love the technique of scraping / pulling acrylic over paper. I think it's something I could do all day and not get bored. I have such a desire to re create this on a giant scale ! 
- newspaper, acrylic & spray paint 

These are the scraps of newspaper that I used to wipe my scraper form the previous page on. I liked it too much to get rid of so I created this collage. I also spray painted a stencil over the top. You can't make out what it says and I like that. 

- washi tape & felt tips

I saw this quote and needed to write it out. Again, I used my new washis (!!!!)
I also ran out of room for my "believing" part so have made it street by dropping the G ;)

- paper & spray paint

This quote, cut out on paper. Get ready to see it a lot... 

- collage & pen

I can never throw out scraps! These are the insides from my stencil. I liked this clean page to finish on, to clean the brain from all of the colour previously!