This week was extra challenging for me. I had a lot going on all week and the only time I could fit in art journalling was on my way to and from London on Wednesday. I was going to see some art exhibitons and a trade fair so I was feeling artistic and hoping to be inspired! 
It was my first experience journalling on the go - or even out in the open. I was a little nervous at first, especially because I was on a commuter train full of business people who I am pretty sure thought I was certifiable. But, once I started, it was just like journalling at home and I really couldn't stop. All my anxiety around it melted away and it definitely made  my journey more enjoyable, as well as being time really well spent.
I had a limited amount of supplies; a small art journal. some staedtler felt tips, two different black pens and a paintbrush. I used the remains of my green tea for water to smudge and play with the pen. I look forward to doing more art journalling on public transport and I totally recommend it!  

Getting crafty on the train! 

Broken Lines 
felt tips & green tea
I like the idea of having the same base but manipulating it in different ways. Especially with such simple supplies. This is something I want to take further, I can feel a mini series here! 

Lower Cases & Capitals
- felt tips, black pen & water

I mixed journalling along to song with the view from the train window. Looking back at it on my return journey, I decided it would look cool in the watery style I had been working with so set about taking it an extra level away from simple line drawing. 

Flowers & The Moon
- felt tips, black pen & water

Again, I watered this drawing on my return journey. Theres something about watery inky pen marks that I just love. I was inspired by style for drawing here and was playing around with single line drawing. I need more practise with this form and I look forward to improving!

Happy Moments
- black pen & water

An illustrated guide to the moments in my day that made me smile. I drew these out on my return journey because even though they hadn't happened yet, I knew that shower and sleep would be in the top ten ;)

- felt tips, black pen & water

MY FAVOURITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I took a straw from a coffee shop to be able to create inky swirly, abstract lines. 


  1. I love these pages! It's really amazing what you can create with such limited supplies and on the train to! I love a good watery ink drawing too. Great job!