I have finished my second color chaos book! This is a collaborative project involving me and 6 other get messians.


We each started a journal in a specific colour and it gets sent around the world to each participant to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black and this lavender one is Lauren's. 

I had this journal for about a month and I used it to brainstorm ideas, create collages and doodle. It was really nice having it around, it kinda became my "fun" journal. Especially as it's pretty huge so we had no limit on the amount of pages that we created. Lauren said that she didn't believe this journal had a specific theme (apart from it's colour) but looking through her pages, they were all very pro women. Strong, feminist and challenging stereo types. She will no doubt think I've looked wayyyy to into this but it was a theme I tried to keep consistent! 

Hannah Horvath
- ink & sharpies

Lauren's stitching on the right, my text and pattern on the left. This is a draft of one of my etsy prints. Girls season 5 has just began and I really want to create more quote printables from the series!

- collage & ink

- pen & ink

My Mind
- pen & acrylic

This is just crying out for someone to finish the doodling! 

- collage & sharpie

Lauren's page on the right (plus sharpie lines by me) with my small collage on the left

- collage, ink & pen

Lauren is a huge Swifty so I had to include a Taylor page for her <3

Hot Water
- collage & acrylic

Lauren's text on the right, my collage on the left

- collage

Lauren's skater on the right, my collage on the left. I think this was my favourite page from her. Also, where I got the idea of challenging gender stereotypes from!

- collage

My Mind
- sharpies

- spray paint & pen

Incomplete pages:


This journal is now with Vanessa and I can't wait to see what she adds to it!