We're a month into our Happy season! I have really enjoyed this theme and this weeks prompts took me off into my own little world... We were looking at identifying each emotion inside of us as if it were a living thing. I created something for it - hated it and then by chance stumbled across an old hard drive of mine from when I was a student. It was filled full of my summer breaks, my inspiration for projects and with that, a whole host of memories. 

I think what I have created below is similar to my "letters to my younger self" series I did at Christmas. It also is weirdly bittersweet to me as it is in a very similar style to what I had when I was at uni. I think that your style as an artist is an ever evolving thing yet also something so uniquely you. It can be hard to see your own style but I often think mine is distinguishable because I use so many layers and mediums. I also think it makes me look like I'm insane 
- or on hard drugs (!)

- collage & photoshop

- embroidery, collage & photoshop

- collage & photoshop

- ink & photoshop

- photoshop

Every time I create things digitally I fall in love with the process again. i didn't want to write too much about these pages as they are pretty self explanatory. I have always been fascinated with our inner minds and dialogue and I love to see this kind of self reflection. I can see myself and my history so clearly in these images and they were so much fun to create!  


I have finished my second color chaos book! This is a collaborative project involving me and 6 other get messians.


We each started a journal in a specific colour and it gets sent around the world to each participant to continue that colour theme. My own journal is black and this lavender one is Lauren's. 

I had this journal for about a month and I used it to brainstorm ideas, create collages and doodle. It was really nice having it around, it kinda became my "fun" journal. Especially as it's pretty huge so we had no limit on the amount of pages that we created. Lauren said that she didn't believe this journal had a specific theme (apart from it's colour) but looking through her pages, they were all very pro women. Strong, feminist and challenging stereo types. She will no doubt think I've looked wayyyy to into this but it was a theme I tried to keep consistent! 

Hannah Horvath
- ink & sharpies

Lauren's stitching on the right, my text and pattern on the left. This is a draft of one of my etsy prints. Girls season 5 has just began and I really want to create more quote printables from the series!

- collage & ink

- pen & ink

My Mind
- pen & acrylic

This is just crying out for someone to finish the doodling! 

- collage & sharpie

Lauren's page on the right (plus sharpie lines by me) with my small collage on the left

- collage, ink & pen

Lauren is a huge Swifty so I had to include a Taylor page for her <3

Hot Water
- collage & acrylic

Lauren's text on the right, my collage on the left

- collage

Lauren's skater on the right, my collage on the left. I think this was my favourite page from her. Also, where I got the idea of challenging gender stereotypes from!

- collage

My Mind
- sharpies

- spray paint & pen

Incomplete pages:


This journal is now with Vanessa and I can't wait to see what she adds to it! 


This week was annoying for me. I've been sick - and it was my favourite prompts that I had written! I am not totally satisfied with my pages this week for them, so when I am better, I plan to re visit the prompts and have another attempt. For now though - welcome to my colourful world of week 3, Season of Happy. 

- washi tape

For Valentines Day my boyfriend gave me a tower of washi tape. As soon as I saw them , I knew this was a page to create! I love the random stripes and varying patterns.

Drowning In Colour
- collage & acrylic

If you look closely, you'll see a woman in the left drowning in all the paint. This is more and more a metaphorical page for me, the longer I look at it. I love the technique of scraping / pulling acrylic over paper. I think it's something I could do all day and not get bored. I have such a desire to re create this on a giant scale ! 
- newspaper, acrylic & spray paint 

These are the scraps of newspaper that I used to wipe my scraper form the previous page on. I liked it too much to get rid of so I created this collage. I also spray painted a stencil over the top. You can't make out what it says and I like that. 

- washi tape & felt tips

I saw this quote and needed to write it out. Again, I used my new washis (!!!!)
I also ran out of room for my "believing" part so have made it street by dropping the G ;)

- paper & spray paint

This quote, cut out on paper. Get ready to see it a lot... 

- collage & pen

I can never throw out scraps! These are the insides from my stencil. I liked this clean page to finish on, to clean the brain from all of the colour previously! 


This zine was made for my friend Lauren aka Lauren Pearl. She is a lover of all things creepy and dark so the theme for her was pretty obvious.

I had the zine last so I have doodled on lots of the pages as I just couldn't resist!

Front Cover
- labels by me

- collage & embroidery

I added the embroidered diamond on the left. I wanted to counter the bound lady on the right somehow and this seemed perfect. It's leftover from a University project I did all about luck and magpies, which turned out decidedly creepy. 

Trick Or Treat
- sharpies & collage

I added on the moths and bugs as well as their shiny sharpie pulses. I also added on the ink spill in the middle (!!!!!!) 

- ink & collage

The left hand side is mine. I thought this image of the wolves looked liked an explanation of werewolves and liked the link to the text and lunar red moon on the right. I made my side tie in with the woodland aspect as well by creating inky trees to enclose my werewolves in. 

My only credit to this spread is the extra heart / blood shapes coming out of Essie's collage on the right. 

- collage, acrylic & label maker

I made a very similar spread for my black journal and couldn't resist giving Lauren one too. The background is bronze, blue and black - kind of bruise like and the birds are flocking.

Again - a small edition here. The zaggy lines around the venus fly trap are all mine

- collage & felt tip

Vanessa's Maleficent warranted some serpent servants ... 

- ink, acrylic & collage

I had this VAMP text already and where better for it to live than with Katie's vampire Zooey Deschannel?! I don't think Katie actually meant to model her on Zooey but it's all I see here. On the right I have stamped out Lauren's favorite quote from the craft. 

We're totally the weirdos here.

The collaborators for this zine were:
EssieKatieVanessa & Myself

To see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram! 


This week was extra challenging for me. I had a lot going on all week and the only time I could fit in art journalling was on my way to and from London on Wednesday. I was going to see some art exhibitons and a trade fair so I was feeling artistic and hoping to be inspired! 
It was my first experience journalling on the go - or even out in the open. I was a little nervous at first, especially because I was on a commuter train full of business people who I am pretty sure thought I was certifiable. But, once I started, it was just like journalling at home and I really couldn't stop. All my anxiety around it melted away and it definitely made  my journey more enjoyable, as well as being time really well spent.
I had a limited amount of supplies; a small art journal. some staedtler felt tips, two different black pens and a paintbrush. I used the remains of my green tea for water to smudge and play with the pen. I look forward to doing more art journalling on public transport and I totally recommend it!  

Getting crafty on the train! 

Broken Lines 
felt tips & green tea
I like the idea of having the same base but manipulating it in different ways. Especially with such simple supplies. This is something I want to take further, I can feel a mini series here! 

Lower Cases & Capitals
- felt tips, black pen & water

I mixed journalling along to song with the view from the train window. Looking back at it on my return journey, I decided it would look cool in the watery style I had been working with so set about taking it an extra level away from simple line drawing. 

Flowers & The Moon
- felt tips, black pen & water

Again, I watered this drawing on my return journey. Theres something about watery inky pen marks that I just love. I was inspired by style for drawing here and was playing around with single line drawing. I need more practise with this form and I look forward to improving!

Happy Moments
- black pen & water

An illustrated guide to the moments in my day that made me smile. I drew these out on my return journey because even though they hadn't happened yet, I knew that shower and sleep would be in the top ten ;)

- felt tips, black pen & water

MY FAVOURITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I took a straw from a coffee shop to be able to create inky swirly, abstract lines.